Strategic Partners - F/m Acceleration

Strategic Partners

F/M Acceleration’s strategic partners bring deep and specific expertise in helping asset management firms grow. Our partners provide a range of resources to grow and sustain an independent asset management business.

Institutional Capital

Financial Backing

F/m acceleration benefits from a significant, permanent capital investment by a leading US insurance company.



Trading & Data

Bloomberg Professional Services

For our manager partners, F/m provides cost-effective access and an in-house professional team to implement the full trading, portfolio accounting, data, and analytics capabilities of Bloomberg Professional Services with its worldwide network and systems.

Analysis & Reporting

Clearwater Analytics

At F/m Acceleration, we believe technology transforms operations. Thus, for our manager partners, we provide access to industry-leading Clearwater Analytics for cloud-based data aggregation, tri-party reconciliation, performance measurement, invoicing, statements, and reporting.

Investment Adviser

F/m Investments
F/m Investments is our registered investment advisor affiliate which serves as advisor to partner mutual funds and select investment strategies. For advisors and institutional investors, we bring innovative, performance-driven investment managers to the US markets.


Key Bridge Compliance
Key Bridge Compliance is our affiliated compliance company that serves as outsourced Chief Compliance Officer for asset management and wealth management firms. The firm’s mission is to empower RIAs to focus on their business and their clients.


Rowhouse Capital Partners LLC

Rowhouse Capital Partners provides strategic advice and support related to mergers and acquisitions in the financial services sector.